Online & Mobile Banking from Timberwood Bank

Enhance Your Banking Experience

Life is busy, making any time you get to yourself precious. Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking from Timberwood Bank helps you get your banking done quickly so you can enjoy your free time.

Online Banking- Access Your Accounts 24/7

Aside from being able to access your checking, savings and loan accounts whenever you need to, Online Banking from Timberwood Bank provides other timesaving benefits:

  • Sign up for and access E-Statements, a secure and environmentally friendly way to check your accounts.
  • Reconcile your accounts when you want without having to wait on a statement to arrive in the mail.
  • Make one-time transfers between your accounts, or schedule recurring transfers for future dates.

Bill Pay

Are you tired of writing checks, paying for postage and waiting for them to clear? With Bill Pay as part of your Online Banking at Timberwood Bank you can pay your monthly bills easily online. No check writing, no postage costs and no more waiting for a check to arrive and clear! Please note: vendors you are paying must have the ability to accept payments from Bill Pay.

When you are signed up for Bill Pay, you can also take advantage of Popmoney® - an electronic payment option that offers the convenience of sending money to virtually anyone you know or owe.  Recipients simply need to have a transaction account in the U.S.

Mobile Banking- Access Your Accounts on the Go

If you’re an Online Banking customer you are already set up to go with Mobile Banking. Just download our Mobile Banking app or sign up for text banking to get started!

You can access your accounts at home, at the office, before you head into a restaurant or while you wait for your kid’s practice to end.  Mobile Banking gives you all the benefits of Online Banking in the palm of your hand!

Ready to get started?  Here is a quick reference guide on how to sign up for Mobile Banking.

We’re here to help!

Not a technology genius? Don’t worry! You don’t have to be tech savvy to use Online Banking, Bill Pay or Mobile Banking. If you ever need something within the system explained to you, our Electronic/Mobile Banking Experts will gladly meet with you to help!

Simply get in touch with us today to schedule a training or learn more about Online Banking, Bill Pay or Mobile Banking from Timberwood Bank.