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Health Savings Accounts
Learn more about Health Savings Accounts by visiting our Online Education Center- or click the following link to go directly to the information. 
Health Savings Accounts: VIEW TUTORIAL  
Health Savings Accounts are designed for people with high deductible health insurance policies.  Contributions can be made by an individual or an employer.  
  • The HSA is owned by individuals, not employers, therefore employers cannot restrict what the deductions from an HSA are used for.  
  • Individuals have the freedom to decide what qualified medical deductions to make, where the HSA will be held, and what contributions to make.  
  • Deductions can be made for qualified medical expenses for the individual account holder, spouse or dependent of the account holder.  
  • Deductions are tax free if made for qualified medical expenses.
    For more information on contributions, qualified medical expenses and high deductible insurance policies, visit and go to Health Savings Accounts. 
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