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Why Timberwood is my Bank
At Timberwood Bank, we offer trustworthy service to each and every customer. We strive to offer top notch products and services to meet your financial needs. Our employees work hard every day to make sure that your expectations are met. If we can’t meet your exact request, we work to find an alternative that will meet your needs. At Timberwood Bank, being reliable isn’t just a slogan; it is something we practice every day. Our customers can count on us. 
-Alicia Weinshrott, Personal Banker NMLS #743001 
My job is to make each and every customer feel welcome and important when they call on the phone or when they come through the front door. It can be as simple as greeting each and every customer when they come through the door, showing them the waiting area with coffee and hot cookies made fresh three times a day and making sure they see the employee that can best help them with their needs.  With the stresses in the economy and everyone trying to accomplish too much with too little time, it is nice to know you can count on a friendly reception every time you visit Timberwood.  
-Linda Erbs & Jenny Kochie, Reception 
Fun in the workplace is being able to enjoy the people you work with and our customers and still get the job done.  We all spend a large portion of our lives working so at Timberwood Bank we know how important it is to have fun while fulfilling our responsibilities.  Timberwood Bank knows that when employees are happy and having fun everything from the bottom line to customer satisfaction is better.  We pride ourselves on choosing employees that are helpful, kind and enjoy life.  We believe when employees are having fun, they are energized and that positive energy is felt by the customers.  So fun is clearly part of our formula for success. 
-Kristi Betthauser, Vice President of Deposit Services 
Ask anyone in your bank what treatment they most want at work.  They will likely top their list with the desire to be treated with dignity and respect.  At Timberwood Bank we treat people, both customers and employees, with courtesy, politeness and kindness.  We encourage our customers and employees to express opinions and ideas.  Timberwood Bank is very dedicated to our customers, our community and our staff. 
-David Taylor, Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending NMLS #740707 
Saying you are dedicated to something is one thing, but showing your dedication is quite another.  You will see when you walk in the door or pick up the phone to talk to one of the employees at Timberwood Bank that they have a tremendous amount of dedication to making your experience wonderful.  I am proud of the employees of Timberwood Bank and how each and every one of them will go out of their way to make you feel "at home" when you come into the bank.  Timberwood Bank is very dedicated to our staff, our shareholder, our community, and our customers who all make Timberwood Bank the great place that it is. 
-Kevin Ravenscroft, President NMLS #586651 
Sometimes home buyers, particularly first-timers, do not know the questions to ask when going through the mortgage process.  This is where I "coach" my customers and guide them through what can often be a stressful experience.  Having the right skills to perform my job is imperative, especially in today's market. The combination of my 18 years of lending experience along with my commitment to stay up to date with ever changing loan programs and practices, ensures my customers the best products and services to meet their needs.  My goal is to be a resource for our customers that allow them to feel comfortable throughout the home ownership process. 
Dawn Malcolm, Senior Vice President of Residential Lending  
NMLS #712508 
My Bank is Timberwood. 
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