CD Special

Timberwood Bank is offering a special rate on CDs...

1.90% APY* on a 15-Month CD
2.25% APY* on a 20-Month CD
2.45% APY* on a 40-Month CD

with a $10,000 minimum deposit of new money.

A certificate of deposit is a safe and secure way to grow your money over time. Funds in a CD are protected by the FDIC up to at least $250,000, and CD options at Timberwood Bank come in a variety of rates and maturity periods.

  • Your return is your deposit plus the interest it has earned over its maturity.
  • Choose how you want to receive your interest payments:
    • It can accumulate in the CD.
    • It can be automatically deposited in a Timberwood Bank checking, savings or Money Market account every quarter.
  • Additional deposits are not allowed until maturity.
  • No checks can be written.
  • Maturity notices are mailed prior to maturity date.
  • Early withdrawal penalties may result in reduced earnings.

Have questions about how you can get in on this CD offer?  Contact any of our Personal Bankers at (608) 372-2265 or stop by Timberwood Bank today!

*Annual Percentage Yield; 15 Month, 20 Month or 40 Month Term; $10,000 Minimum Deposit; New Money Only.  Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. APY accurate as of 01/18/2019.  Fees could reduce earnings on the account.